Monday, July 26, 2010

About Us: Srikant

Name: Srikant Elassery
Age: 11
Education: Homeschooled since 2006. Going through class 6 material now

Reading, music, drawing, geography, trains, planes, cooking 

Sample of creativity:

Ship made with the pod of the tulip tree

Family's Assessment:
Srikant is...
... physically strong, musically talented and has a vivid imagination. (Arun's opinion)
... a bit enamored with the trappings of money, extremely strong-willed, a talented musician. (Kanti's opinion)
... sometimes stupid and sometimes very sensible. (Aditi's opinion)
... a nice boy but sometimes he is very selfish and stubborn. (Srikant's opinion)
... interested in planes. (Dinkar's opinion)

One positive external assessment:
If he continues, Srikant can become a professional Tabla player. (Srikant's Tabla teacher)

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