Monday, July 26, 2010

About Us: Aditi

Name: Aditi Elassery
Age: 14
Education: Homeschooled since 2006. Probably next year taking the 10th standard board administered by NIOS

Reading, photography, drawing, history, music, nature

Sample of creativity:
A lit paper lantern photographed by Aditi

Family's Assessment:
Aditi is...
... an introverted teenager but is still very comfortable in her relationships with both children and adults. (Arun's opinion)
... a gentle, considerate girl who can be focused and efficient when situations demand it. (Kanti's opinion)
... always trying to become better, like not getting too angry, but often forgets. (Aditi's opinion)
... a very good person but sometimes gets on my nerves and irritates me. (Srikant's opinion)
... nice. (Dinkar's opinion)

One positive external assessment:
With the simple camera that she uses and with no formal learning I have not seen anybody else who can take pictures like Aditi. (Friend Surkhab Shaukeen a professional photographer who has studied and taught in the US)

1 comment:

  1. hey arun...i was virtually introduced no pun intended to your concepts and the beautiful fact you were homeschooling your kids by Sujit Bhattacharya ..just wanted to say hello to you..i have a 6 yr old and an 18 month and after a year of kindergarten here in the usa..are very very close to home schooling my kid(s)..sujit has promised to formally introduce you to me...i recently became an evangelist after reading "the well adjusted child"