Monday, July 26, 2010

About Us: Kanti

Name: SV Kanti Ratna
Age: 40
Education: Master of Computer Science (MCS), Pune university, 1993
Current work: Full time at home

Cooking, growing plants, stitching, education, personal growth

Sample of creativity:
Sour dough bread baked by Kanti

Family's Assessment:
Kanti is...
... the real implementer of all our strange ideas and she is very good at this job. (Arun's opinion)
... an autocratic perfectionist. (Kanti's opinion)
... a nice person to be with, though she shouts a lot occasionally. (Aditi's opinion)
... a very lovable person but sometimes she shouts a lot. (Srikant's opinion)
... nice sometimes and bad sometimes (Dinkar's opinion)

One positive external assessment:
The only good thing that Arun has done in his life has been to get married to Kanti (Arun's friend, after he met Kanti)

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