Monday, July 26, 2010

About Us: Arun

Name: Arun Elassery
Age: 44
Education: BTech, IIT Kharagpur, 1988
Current work: WATIS (Wipro Applying Thought In Schools)

Talking, writing, reading, education, self development

Sample of creativity:

A picture book for children called 'The Laughing Onion' written by me. Available from Eklavya here or from A1 books here

Family's Assessment:
Arun is...
... still in the process of growing up out of a long childhood. (Arun's opinion)
... the happy philosopher captain of our family ship. (Kanti's opinion)
... a fun person to be with, though he irritates me sometimes. (Aditi's opinion)
... a very nice person but sometimes he is irritating. (Srikant's opinion)
... nice sometimes and bad sometimes (Dinkar's opinion)

One positive external assessment:
Nice article. Fun to see the picture. They failed to mention that you're a rebel mystic, though, and quite likely a danger to society. (Friend Chuck Schreiner after reading the Tehelka magazine article on homeschooling that featured us that you can see here)

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Good to see your blog. Remember me? We worked with CL...How r u Sir? R u in Bangalore or Delhi?