Monday, July 26, 2010

About Us: Dinkar

Name: Dinkar Elassery
Age: 8
Education: Never been to school. Going through class 3 material now

Drawing, cars, planes, nature

Sample of creativity:

Family's Assessment:
Dinkar is...
... mischievous and artistic and wise beyond his years. (Arun's opinion)
... creative and intuitive, appears insubordinate because he thinks totally out of the box. (Kanti's opinion)
... very troublesome sometimes but otherwise quite nice. (Aditi's opinion)
... a very good person but very naughty. (Srikant's opinion)
... interested in playing. (Dinkar's opinion)

One positive external assessment:
Many children come to me but nobody is able to think at this level. (Shashi Maheshwari, Dinkar's drawing teacher in Delhi talking to us)

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