Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Your question: OK, homeschooling doesn’t seem to be such a weird idea now. But how did this thought come to you? Were your children not able to cope up with school or what?  

My answer: People homeschool for many reasons. Like: • Unhappiness with the current school system • Unhappiness with the whole world’s system • Children not getting educated properly in school • Saving weak children from their big strong friends • Having more control on the child’s religious life • Practicing a more natural grounded lifestyle …And I don’t know what else. The point is that if we start listing out all the reasons why people homeschool there would be place for nothing else in this document. So it is probably better to tell you our personal story and quickly finish this answer. Two of our three children have gone to school and they were doing very well academically. My wife and I had for a long time been searching for the answer to what an ideal education for our children and for ourselves would look like. And when we thought that we had found it we discovered that no school was following any system close to this. (The main point behind what we wanted was to develop body, mind and spirit to grow in self, culture and nature) This was probably the biggest reason for us to get into homeschooling. And now after two years of practical experimentation we are so happy with the results that I had to sit down and write this document to share our good news with you.

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