Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Your question: I am not saying that I will take my children out of school yet. But let me agree with you that homeschooling may have some advantages. But is there no law in the government to put people like you in jail and send your children to the nearest government school?  

My answer: Bhai, the police have not come home to catch us yet. It is possible that when millions of people read what I have written and I become popular my enemies may bribe the law and get me jailed. But then my capacity to give bribes will also have gone up and I will probably be able to slip out unconvicted. What? You are busy and want me to come to the point quickly? Ok, the point is that each state government has its own rules about education and you will have to find out what these are in your state. But the news that a state government is forcibly taking children to school has not reached my ears at least. And I don’t think that likely in the near term either. The governments in fact go in the completely opposite direction by spending crores of rupees on midday meal schemes to attract and retain children. And yes, when the time for getting caught by the police comes there would be thousands of homeschoolers and we will all be overflowing out of the governments jails. And the MPs in between all the furniture breaking they do in parliament will have to change the rules and let us all out again. Sounds reasonable no?

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