Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HS FAQ: Socialization

Your question: By constant interactions and playing together etc children learn many things. And this socialization is what helps them in their family and work lives later. How will your children learn this very important art of human interactions?  

My answer: You are right. Children at least get to meet lots of types of people in school. Teachers and classmates and seniors and juniors and the learning from these meetings is impossible to replicate at home. You are very right and I agree wholeheartedly with you. But… Haan Bhai there is a ‘But’ here also… But… This problem is not as big as it appears at first sight. Because:

  1. The school environment is unnatural and the interpersonal learning from here is usually not directly applicable in the real world
  2. In school, children become friends with other children in their class which also means other children of the same age. But in our later out-of-school life we need to interact with people of all age groups and all socio-economic backgrounds
  3. Cruel children and their victims study together in school and this is harmful for both these groups
  4. The correct way to deal with the world is probably learnt more by homeschooled children because this important art is transmitted to them by their own parents
And we have taken the following steps to solve this big problem of our children not having a school full of friends:
  1. Our children go to dance and music class where they meet other children everyday
  2. To live in a place where our children can make friends who can play with them
  3. Forming a bond with other homeschooling families so that our children know that there are other children like them
So now you tell me have we been able to solve this problem or not? No? And you say that this is the single largest reason why you can’t take your children out of school? Ok bhai. Whatever you wish. But because you have already made up your mind you might as well read the other answers just to reinforce your decision. Ok no?

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