Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goood mooorning teacher!

Aditi has been using many wonderful online resources preparing for her 12th standard open school exam. I asked her to make a list and write short descriptions for each. This is what she came up with. Explore and enjoy!

Name: Khan academy

Short description: Over 3000 interestingly presented videos on maths, physics, chemistry and many other subjects. Used by millions of children across the world, Khan academy is a pioneer in online education.

Name: Vi Hart
Short description: Beautiful doodle videos on geometry and other math concepts. She calls herself a 'recreational mathmusician' and is currently also on the Khan Academy team. Her videos inspired me to make my own mathematical art.

Name: Veritasium
Short Description: 'The science video blog, from atoms to astrophysics!'. Whether it is showing how reducing the pressure in a tube of water can make it boil or how far away the moon actually is from Earth, these videos are amazing and lots of fun to watch.     

Name: Crash Course
Short description: There are two courses here- World history taught by John Green and Biology taught by Hank Green. Entertaining, useful and very well made. The biology videos were the reason I was able to understand what my 12th standard textbook was all about. They manage to explain advanced level concepts in 10 minute doses and in a way that anyone can understand. 


Name: Minute Physics
Short description: As the name suggests, these are 1 minute videos on physics (most of the time!). The videos on quantum mechanics helped me understand these insanely complicated concepts a little better. 


Others I haven't fully explored-

 'Videos about numbers, its as simple as that.'

Periodic table of videos 
They claim to be the ultimate channel for all things chemistry.

Videos featuring great scientists, interesting experiments, amazing facts and current news from the world of science.

Do you know of any more?

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